Plum powder (color: primary color/red)

Large package 21kg/carton (300g*70 packs): please call to inquire

Element plum, salt, sugar, seasoning
application The magic seasoning on the table that can turn bitterness into sweetness
drink Adding it to tea can reduce the astringency of the tea leaves and increase the sweetness and roundness of the tea leaves.
Added to acidic juices, such as lemon or kumquat, to reduce sourness, increase sweetness, and balance juice taste
Add to cola, so that cola is not dead sweet, increase the flavor of plum
Seasoning Adding it to the french fries and crispy chicken can make the food not greasy and increase the sweet and sour taste
Add to borsch or beef broth to enhance the thick sweetness of the soup
You can pickle lemon slices, pickles, bitter gourd to ease the bitterness of lemon peel and increase the sweetness of fruits and vegetables
raw material Can make butter brown sugar plum
Suitable for Beverage shop/restaurant/French fries and salted chicken shop/candy factory/mass supermarket/retail shop
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