Buyer Notice

【shopping process】

1. After selecting the product to be purchased, click the "Add to Cart" button, the product will be added to the shopping cart automatically; or click "Checkout Now".
2. Please go to the shopping cart to confirm the product name, unit price, quantity and total amount.
3. To change the order quantity, please change the quantity in the Quantity field.
4. To delete the product, please click "Delete".
5. To continue shopping, please click "Continue Shopping" to return to the shopping mall.
6. After confirming the order contents, please scroll down to confirm the receipt information.
7. Please fill in the recipient information first, such as: name, phone number, address; if you have any needs, please fill in the "Remarks".
8. Please choose a payment method: credit card payment, supermarket cash on delivery, two options.
9. The home delivery service is Black Cat Express, and the shipping fee is $100, and the delivery fee for supermarket 7-11/Family Mart is $80; you can come to the store to pick up the goods: No. 2-20, Lunya Lane, Lunya Li, Yuanlin City, Changhua County.
11. After completing the above procedures, the order is completed. The system will send an order confirmation letter, please confirm again.
12. The items you ordered will be delivered within 5 working days from the day after the order is confirmed. (There may be delays depending on the region and delivery conditions)

【payment method】

"Online Card"
This site uses the ECPAY credit card system. All credit card information is directly connected to the bank. This site cannot know your credit card information.
So you can pay with credit card on this site with peace of mind. Currently, the credit cards accepted on this site are: VISA, Mastercard, JCB.

【Delivery and Shipping Instructions】

  • delivery time

– After placing the order and receiving the payment, the store will ship it in about 1~3 days (excluding holidays)
– If you encounter special conditions (such as: typhoon...etc.), please wait patiently.

  • Delivery methods

 – Through room temperature home delivery

  •  Delivery range

 – Only for Taiwan region, pay attention! Please do not fill in the post office box for the delivery address

[If you have delivery needs outside Taiwan, please contact the store directly]

【Return and Exchange Instructions】
1. If the product is damaged due to improper storage, the store does not accept returns and exchanges, and the loss shall be borne by the consumer.
2. If the product is damaged during delivery, please take a photo as soon as possible and contact us within 1-2 working days after receiving the product. We will assist you in handling it by a special person. TEL: 04-8311260.
3. Food products do not accept tasting experience. If the product has been opened, it will not be able to apply for return or exchange.
4. If the content and quantity of the product do not match or the product is defective, please take a picture as soon as possible and store it at room temperature, and contact us within 1-2 working days after receiving the product

We will be assisted by a dedicated person TEL: 04-8311260. (If the product is damaged due to personal factors of consumers, no compensation or return will be made, sorry for the inconvenience).

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